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Welcome to New Age Awakening

Rev. Jeannine GrahnMy name is Rev. Jeannine Grahn and I'd like to invite you to just sit back now, and relax.

Take a look – skim through the Esoteric Explorations collected here.

Breathe deeply and browse through my Visionary Art Gallery.

Listen to your heart and get in touch with me to experience the Services that I offer.

Humanity is now awakening into the New Age of Love-Centered Living. I am here to respond to those of you who may feel the need of compassionate, Spirit-filled guidance and support. Through the threads of personal communication, through heart-to-heart sharing of the joys and tears, of the ups and downs, that are all part of the pathwork of Spiritual Growth, I sincerely offer you my Gifts of Healing Love.



Are you actively pursuing your path of Spiritual Development?

  • Do you feel you have reached a plateau?
  • Do you have a sense of frustration, a feeling that you just don't know how to cross the next threshold?
  • Do you feel you are in the process of a major Transition?
  • Would you value receiving Verification, Illumination, Insight, Healing from a compassionate expression of Acceptance and Love?

Here, at New Age Awakening, I am offering you the opportunity to join with me in your process of unfoldment.

I have more than 40 years of experience as a Spiritual Development Counselor. Through my personal pathwork, I have been blessed with the gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience. My passion and joy is to be of service to those of you who are committed to your path of spiritual development, to your process of unfoldment into the Realm of Love.

Visionary Art by Rev. Jeannine

Are you in conscious interaction with the Source of Divine Love? Do you feel that you are a beacon of the Frequency of that Love? Is this an experience that you are longing for? Or do you feel that you have some fears, some hesitancy regarding your expression and experience of Love?

Are you aware of and interactive with your Subtle Energy System? Do you work consistently with your Chakra System to clear your Auric Field? Do you understand the value of Conscious Breathing? Or do you feel that you could use some support in this area?

I am offering E-mail Guardian Angel Readings in response to your single question, as well as more detailed E-mail Readings, Distance Healing, remote viewing of your Auric field and Chakra system, for a very reasonable donation. Please visit my Services Page for details.

I look forward to establishing a heart-based connection with you very soon.