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Rev. Jeannine GrahnRev. Jeannine Grahn has been a Spiritual Development Counselor for more than 30 years. Her passion and deep joy come from interacting with and assisting people like you, who are commited to your path of spiritual growth and development.

Many people at this time are leaving behind the Realm of Materialism and are moving into the Realm of Love. This is known as the process of Ascension and it can often be a confusing, upsetting, disorienting and mysterious period in a person's life. One may no longer resonate with friends or family, or with what has been a comfortable lifestyle. This process of Ascension is a process of Transition, of leaving behind a way of life that has been familiar, of entering a Consciousness, a perspective, an experience that is new.

Rev. Jeannine is commited to serve you with Love and Compassion, Wisdom and Understanding. Her responses to your requests for support are never "canned." They are always personal and authentic. To make sure that you receive clear and focused Readings, Rev. Jeannine limits the number of recipients to 10 people per week.


A Reminder
A Reminder
by Rev. Jeannine

  • E-mail Guardian Angel Readings – 60.00
    Each of us has been born into the care of our own personal Guardian Angel. Our Guardian Angel watches over us, guides and inspires us, protects us in times of danger. Our personal Guardian Angel expresses unconditional love to us in ways that only we, as a unique being, are able to receive. Our Guardian Angel helps us to understand and fulfill our destiny in this particular lifetime.

    By developing sensitivity to our personal Guardian Angel, we can open ourselves to Angelic guidance, support, comfort, and encouragement. We begin the process of sensitizing ourselves to the presence of our Guardian Angel by asking, with gratitude, to become aware of Their Presence. Ask your Guardian Angel for support for any situation you are concerned about, whether it is finances, health issues, concern for someone else, or a desire for love. By inviting your Guardian Angel to manifest a particular expression of support, you are establishing a path of communication; you are creating a bond of recognition with your Guardian Angel through which he/she can respond directly.

    Rev. Jeannine has many years of experience in communicating with her Guardian Angel, and she has developed the ability to connect with your personal Guardian Angel. In response, she will present your question or concern to your personal Guardian Angel and transcribe their compassionate personal answer. Within 24-48 hours you will receive in your e-mail in-box the Angelic response to your heartfelt request.

  • Personal E-mail Readings – 60.00
    These Readings are detailed, heart-centered channeled responses for up to three of your sincere questions or concerns. Centered in a state of deep meditation and prayer, Rev. Jeannine will channel information regarding your personal Spiritual Development process, how you can heal and energize your multi-faceted life experience, what it means to be entering and living in the Realm of Love, as well as many more topics of information that are vital for your Spiritual Development. You can expect a response to your heartfelt request within 24-48 hours sent directly to your e-mail in-box.