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Rev. Jeannine GrahnFree Healing Energy Extension Event
I am Rev. Jeannine Grahn of, and I am initiating a Spiritual Event.

Once again we received very inspiring replies from participants of our last Free Healing Energy Extension Event: relief from pain of arthritis, sound sleep, as well as enhanced sensitivities regarding awareness of the wave of Divine Love, spiritual warmth, ease of entering the meditative state of consciousness and relaxation. And so I am inviting you to join me again to receive the Extension of Divine Healing Energy on:

the Full Moon and the New Moon of each month.

Remember, all that is required of you is to align yourself through stillness and intention to receive the inflow of Divine Healing Energy. So relax with me at the stated time in silence and receptivity, and allow yourself to feel the presence of Divine Healing Energy.

I am doing this Free Healing Energy Extension because I am feeling a powerful inner call to reach out to the world with a wave of Divine Healing Energy. I am aware that the consciousness of humanity is entering a time of ascension, transformation, and transmutation. Many people are experiencing major or subtle shifts in their life experiences, and I feel called to support and nurture their process. This process is about each of us awakening to a new awareness of our Divine nature, the awareness that we are radiant beings of Light, Love, and Joy. We are leaving behind the fears that have kept us immersed in the Material Plane Consciousness, where wealth, position, knowledge and power have been the gods. More and more of us are now entering the Realm of Love, where the joyful expansion of the Heart is the new foundation for love, abundance, our unique Gift of Service, and the joy of life.

The powerful Healing Frequency of Divine Love knows no limitations of time or space. The intentional extension of this Frequency can have a healing influence on the ones who are ready to relax into the experience and receive it. This Divine Energy knows what aspects of your multi-faceted life are longing for healing, release, illumination, and upliftment, so just relax and let the gentle yet powerful Divine Healing Energy flow through your system. If you have family or friends who you feel will benefit from this event, the Divine Healing Energy will extend to them as well, based on their intention to receive.

If you have an experience during this Event that you would like to share, please feel free to email me with your testimony. I will post it in the next invitation.

Thank you for joining me in this Free Healing Energy Extension Event.

In Light with Love