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New Age Awakening Visionary Art Gallery

Rev. Jeannine GrahnPlease set aside a few minutes now, to browse through my Visionary Art Gallery. Each thumbnail image below is a link to an expanded view. These drawings are representations of images that I have received during times of deep Meditative levels of Receptivity. They are not only beautiful pieces of art; they are also what I call "Visual Affirmations".

By taking time to look at the images, to ponder and absorb them, their frequency can have an uplifting effect on your mood, and your perception of reality. These images can remind you of the deep parts of your consciousness, where love, joy and deep meaning lie waiting for your exploration. Having these powerful Images hanging on your wall will have a repetitive and therefore healing effect on your subtle energy field.

All Gallery Images copyright © by R. Jeannine Grahn.