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How To Utilize The Creative Power
of the Awakened Heart Chakra

Rev. Jeannine Grahn

The Awakened Heart Chakra is a powerful center of creative energy. This center is where we experience the Frequency of Divine Love. In my observation, this is a frequency that looks like the color Green, with swirls or streams of Pink.

In the Heart Chakra Realm of Consciousness, we deepen our capacity to breathe in and feel the sensation of Divine Love. Breathwork and focused Color visualization through the Heart Chakra brings us into the experience of receiving and giving Unconditional Love. Our heart becomes so full of this love frequency that we can't help but express it to everyone and everything in Creation. As we breathe it in, our outbreath becomes the natural expression of Unconditional Love. We leave behind the thoughts and fears that our expression of love might not be reciprocated, that we might end up in an experience of lack. This expression of Unconditional Love goes beyond expectation for response. Through the experience of this Breathwork and Color Visualization, we can develop the awareness of knowing and feeling with every fiber of our being, that we are always receiving personal and unending Love directly from the Source of Divine Love.

As you are reading these words, I'd like to ask you to relax, breathe deeply, and then release your breath through your Heart Center. As you do this, you will begin to feel and experience your Heart Chakra Energy, your Love Energy. You can visualize this Green and Pink Love Energy as a fountain of sparkling light, as a never-ending inflow and outflow of rejuvenating, intoxicating, etherical / physical energy. Feel how this semi-physical energy is responsive to your thoughts. Experiment with it and observe how it easily and immediately answers your direction.

Now, feel how you can breathe this Love Frequency up through your Subtle Energy Field into your center of creative visualization, your Brow Chakra. Here, you can picture the frequency of Love, form it into the shape of your desired intention, and then breathe it out through your Brow Chakra as an energetic form. It now has been birthed as a new expression of life into your world.

With the merging of Time and your focused intention, your energetic and real creation of Love and Intention will manifest into physical density. Mastery of this process awakens you into the knowing that you can bring your desires for specific life experiences into your external, physical reality. It means that you are no longer the victim of circumstances, or of the will of others. Do you feel the excitement, the freedom, the thrill of the endless possibilities that await your command?

The Open Heart, this endless flow of the Fountain of Love, is the foundation of all creation. All natural life exists as a manifestation of this thought-shaped Love Energy. When we utilize this Love Energy in and through our Heart and Brow Chakras for the purpose of creation, our life experience becomes rich, joyful and exciting. We enter a realm of Super-consciousness and become aware of the fluidity and moldability of our moment to moment experience. We see that everything around us is a product of our own creation and that we can choose to change any aspect of it that fails to bring us joy, just by breathing with creation-intention to refine our experience into one of delight, peace, and abundance. We can create and manifest whatever we feel will bring us into the magical experience of love and joy. This is just one of the Gifts of Divinity that, through experience, will bring us into the ever-deepening acceptance of our Personal Divine Nature.


The Awakened Heart Chakra
The Awakened Heart Chakra
by Rev. Jeannine

A Poem by Jeannine

My Heart sings to You, my Beautiful One
With You, my Dear,
    I have wings of life,
    purpose to live,
    reason to continue.

With You, O Beautiful One
I am safe, my Dear,
    I can be weak and afraid
  and You will be there for me,
    I can be strong and fearless
  and You will Blossom.

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