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The Poetry of Rev. Jeannine

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A Love Letter from the Heart of God

"Will you come and meet me?
Come and run with me in the emerald meadows of your mind?
Come tumble and tickle with me
    in the Sunshine Light of my Love?

"Will you rise and meet me?
Rise and soar in the Sapphire Blue of the Endless Sky?
Rise and spread your wings with me,
    dance and turn in the cloudless expanse of my Joy?

"Holy One and Holy Two – as we merge and stretch apart –
    Merge again.
Will you lie with me?
Feel my feather-light touch in your heart of hearts?
Drink in the warmth of my Wine,
    Feel it swirl and fill your emptiness, wash away your loneliness.

"Holy One and Holy Two – will you awaken with me?
Together we will never be the same."

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A Valentine from Angels (Feb. 14, 2010)

We surround you
Whispers, like feathers, brushing
    your beauty,
    your innocence,
Reminding you again,
    and for eternity,
Always the simple, same message:
Dear One, look to,
    your Center of Golden Light.
Open your sight, your heart,
    To your ever-present Brilliance,
    your Star Source.
Here is Reality,
Here is True Nature.
All else is but a dandelion puff,
    dispersed in a breath.
Remember what you have always,
    in silence, known:
Our Love,
Our Love,
Our Love...

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Ice Walls

I hear you calling me –
    your still, timid whisper...
I feel your unshed tears,
    your doubts, your pains,
I feel your fear that I might ask of you
    to be strong, stoic,
    to suffer in endurance.
I feel your resistance to surrendering,
    to being broken, loved.

Your ice walls are nothing to me, dear child.
I see your beauty and innocence right through them.

Come to me, dear soft heart...
    Let me embrace you,
    Melt your frozen fears.
Come rest on my shoulder,
    Allow my warmth
    to gently flow into you.
I will hold you,
    am holding you, like this
    for eternity.

Be still and know that I Am Love.

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Little One

Little one –
    Reach out – in thought, in vision
    and touch
        with a finger of Light
    My ever-present radiance...

See the spark as we connect –
    Light with Light
    Love with Love.

Breathe in the sensation
    As my Light of Love saturates
    every pocket of
    Any cave of
    that has kept you cloistered,
    Kept us apart.

Allow my presence to heal
        the wounds,
        the dark places
        in and around you.
Feel the surge of Power rise through you –
        Liberating –
Opening your Heart of Hearts
        To mine.

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