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Rev. Jeannine GrahnRev. Jeannine Grahn has been a Spiritual Development Counselor for more than 25 years. Her passion and deep joy come from interacting with and assisting people like you, who are commited to your path of spiritual growth and development.

Many people at this time are leaving behind the Realm of Materialism and are moving into the Realm of Love. This is known as the process of Ascension and it can often be a confusing, upsetting, disorienting and mysterious period in a person's life. One may no longer resonate with friends or family, or with what has been a comfortable lifestyle. This process of Ascension is a process of Transition, of leaving behind a way of life that has been familiar, of entering a Consciousness, a perspective, an experience that is new.

Rev. Jeannine is commited to helping people birth and expand into this new Consciousness of Divine Love. She uses her clear and accurate gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience in concert with Divine Presence, her Spirit Guides, and Angels to serve you with the following expressions of Love and Compassion, Wisdom and Understanding:


A Reminder
A Reminder
by Rev. Jeannine

  • Email Guardian Angel Readings – $20.00
    In response to your sincere single question or concern, Rev. Jeannine will enter, through meditation and prayer, the Realm of Angels. She will present your question or concern to the Presence of Angelic Beings and transcribe Their compassionate personal answer. Within 24-48 hours you will receive the Angelic response to your heartfelt request in your email inbox.

  • Personal Email Readings – $40.00
    These Readings are detailed, heart-centered channeled responses for up to three of your sincere questions or concerns. Centered in a state of deep meditation and prayer, Rev. Jeannine will channel information regarding your personal Spiritual Development process, how you can heal and energize your multi-faceted life experience, what it means to be entering and living in the Realm of Love, as well as many more topics of information that are vital for your Spiritual Development. You can expect a response to your heartfelt request within 24-48 hours sent directly to your email inbox.


The Ace of Cups

  • Intuitive Tarot Readings – $40.00
    Rev. Jeannine uses the Rider-Waite Tarot Cards to give you an Intuitive Reading in response to your sincere question or concern regarding your path of Spiritual Development. The Tarot Cards are an ancient and powerful spiritual tool that can bring illumination and understanding regarding your unique Soul Path, the problems you are facing, and the path you can take to transcend them. For many years, Rev. Jeannine has utilized the power of the Tarot for her own and many others' paths of growth. You can expect a response to your heartfelt concern within 24-48 hours sent directly to your email inbox.

  • On-going Personal Spiritual Counseling – $80.00
    This service includes 4 email sessions – one each week for one month. Once a week for each week of the month, you will receive in-depth heart-based counseling from Rev. Jeannine. In response to your questions and concerns you will experience the accumulative, on-going benefits of channeled answers and inspiration from the Spirit Guides and Angels who work consistently with Rev. Jeannine.


The Auric Field
The Auric Field,
as seen by Rev. Jeannine

  • Clairvoyant Energy Field Healing Sessions – $40.00
    Rev. Jeannine has been extending Remote (distance) Energy Field Strengthening and Balancing Sessions for many years. These sessions have a profound effect on your personal energetic field. Rev. Jeannine clairvoyantly observes your Aura and your Chakra System and then extends the Light of Love and Healing to bring your energy field into balance and clarity. The benefit of this Session is that you may feel lighter, more radiant, stress-free, supported, and accepted for who you truly are. You may feel relief from pain, illness, unhappiness. You may feel a new inner awareness of the Love that always surrounds you. You may feel more willing to be open to receiving that Love and to sharing it with others.

  • Private In-person Sessions – $40.00
    At her home in Taos, New Mexico, Rev. Jeannine invites people to join her, one-on-one, in Guided Chakra Meditations, Energy Field Clearing Sessions, and Spiritual Development Counseling. She provides a safe, private, confidential atmosphere, a sanctuary for healing and transformation.

For all of these types of Rev. Jeannine's Services, please contact her with your personal, sincere request. Her Credit Card Merchant is PayPal, and she accepts all types of Credit Cards.