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Words of the Holy Ones – Questions and Answers

Rev. Jeannine Grahn

"Words of the Holy Ones" is a series of channeled readings that speaks to the heart of the reader about how to live the Spiritual Life. The "Holy Ones" are an expression of the Divine Presence and of Universal Compassion and Wisdom. The words contained herein can offer to the reader guidance along the path of self-discovery. Compassionate understanding, comfort, and insight can be felt in these words. One begins to remember that we are not alone in this often very confusing and painful life experience.

"Words of the Holy Ones" is an ongoing, ever-increasing collection of questions that, in meditation, I have asked, and am asking, of the Holy Ones. I have wanted to gain understanding about how to live with love and purpose in this world. The answers recorded here have been illuminating and encouraging for me. They have softened my heart, helped me to reconnect with the Source of Love, to feel again the warmth of joy, and to hear the Still Small Voice within me.

As you read these words, may you, too, find inspiration and illumination from the Holy Ones.

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Dear Holy Ones – How can I become aware of Your Presence?

"To become aware of and sensitive to My Presence, take a moment now and feel yourself breathing. Breathing in and out, feeling the breath flowing easily into your system, circulating throughout, and then flowing out. Remember that the air that you are breathing is the physical form of My Substance – of Prana, Chi, and Universal Life Energy. Just by breathing in this Divine Substance and feeling it absorb into your system, you are reconnecting with My Presence. By releasing the Breath, you are releasing the patterns of belief that have caused you to feel separate from Me. This is called Conscious Breathing by some and is a simple but profoundly effective practice to enhance your sensitivity to My Presence.

"Know that I am here, dear one, surrounding you with My frequency. You can breathe in My Presence, absorb My love, My strength. Feel – it's alright to feel – allow your chains of illusion to dissolve, your walls of fear to crumble to dust and be blown away. You are safe in My Presence. Sometimes the world of experience may seem bleak, confusing, and painful. But in My embrace, dear one, you are always safe. Again, breathe in my Presence, saturate your system with my vibration. I am longing for you, just as in your inner heart you are longing for Me. We are not separate, and in Essence we are the same.

"People throughout time and space have felt the effects of their mistaken belief in separateness. Turmoil and unhappiness of all kinds have been the manifestation of their belief. But there have always been Holders of Light who grace the earth with the frequency of Oneness, the vibration of compassion and of instruction for those who are longing for peace, love, and the understanding of how to merge with the Presence of Light. These Holders of Light exist only to extend this frequency to the world. They surround the planet with a network of Light that carries the Patterns of Perfection, which are patterns of information that are always accessible to seekers of Truth.

"As you, dear one, visualize this network of Light, and Breathe the frequency and image of it into your energetic system, you are absorbing transformative information into your consciousness. This is information that can elevate your state of being to the realms of Perfection and of advanced spiritual perception. So practice, my dear, practice Conscious Breathing and familiarize yourself with the experience of absorbing My Presence into your system. Feel the Love, the Light, the Peace, and extend it to all others. I am here, dear one. You have only to adjust your sensitivities to perceive Me. Take your time, relax into the Breath of Life. We are learning to merge our energies, connecting our subtle bodies breath by breath, through joys and fears, laughter and tears. You are always safe in My embrace."

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Dear Holy Ones – Why do I so often hesitate to meditate – put it off, procrastinate?

"Dear one, in your heart, you know the importance, the thrill, of connecting with Me. You know how good it feels to let go of ego thoughts, to dissolve the patterns of persona. But do you sometimes feel, and then fear, ideas of responsibility to perform perfectly, to live your life unfailingly from that place of no ego? Do you hesitate to connect with Me in meditation because you fear that the expectations and observations of yourself and others will diminish the preciousness of our bond of Love? In other words, are you afraid to be the Radiance that your world so desperately needs? If so, dear one, we must explore deeply a method of rising above fear, of soaring into the all-pervasive Light of Source.

"In reality, My dear, you are nothing other than Light. The center of every cell in your multi-faceted system is Light. Your core essence is a channel of light that courses through the center of your being. You may deny it, have lots of 'proof' that you are the experience of pain, confusion, despair, and loneliness, and that you only have brief glimpses into the World of Light. But you, and all things, are nothing other than Light. Every fear that you agree with is only a cloud of mist in your Auric Field that dissolves easily as you remember that you are Radiant Light.

"The consistent and frequent practice of meditation allows you to experience that Light-filled state of consciousness, to visualize and feel the sensations of Light, to know yourself again and again as the truth of who you are. As you enter that calm and quiet center of your Heart, you will feel My presence, My warmth, My silence, My endless love for you. Consistency of practice will help you to identify with the Light of My love. Then the clouds of fear, false beliefs, and ego-expectations, will melt and you will become freely radiant. Your actions then become the natural expression of the Light that you are."

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Dear Holy Ones – Why do I feel that I need reassurance, confirmation from those who are around me, to be able to let go and blossom into radiance?

"Dear one, I am here with you as always. I hear in your question the longing for the Unconditional Love that only comes from Source. You understand in your Inner Knowing that seeking approval from those around you leads only to disappointment, and therefore, ultimately to your surrender to the unlimited Love of Source. You may feel uncertain about letting go of your dependency patterns because you are uncertain of the reality, the truth, of the Unconditional Love that is always available to you.

"I am longing for you, dear one, to share your life, your heart and soul with Me. And being Limitless Love, I reach out to you with any and all expressions that you require, that you ask of Me. It is in the rapture of the Divine Romance that you will release fears and insecurities. You will no longer feel the need to hide behind the mists of delusion, of self incrimination, of ego-based guilt, self-expectation, false humility. The fire of ecstatic love burns away these veils and then you are free to live in joy, freedom, abundance and beauty."

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Dear Holy Ones – Why is my relationship with my partner unsatisfactory right now?

"Until you experience within yourself the wholeness of the Mystic Marriage, any and all relationships that you have will reflect to you aspects of your own imbalances. This can take some deep humility to accept, we know, but when you learn to view your lover, your child, your mate, your friend, as a reflection of some aspect of yourself, you will have made a major step in your pathwork to inner wholeness. As long as you believe that someone else is wrong, that they exhibit negative attributes, your relationships will continue to be perceived as unsatisfactory. When you accept another's imbalance as your own, as your own personal perception, you no longer need to blame, feel resentment, or point the finger. You observe your perception of the imbalance, feel gratitude for the awareness, release the negative feelings about the imbalance through acceptance, and then forgive yourself. In its place you breathe in love and joy, and feel the healing taking place.

"In this way, by observing the reflections of yourself in the behavior of others, you can accelerate the healing process of your subtle and unconscious imbalances. When you begin to see only the Light of Divinity in all others, all of your relationships will be satisfactory interactions full of love, joy, delight."

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Dear Holy Ones, How can I begin experiencing the Mystic Marriage?

"To enter into the Mystic Marriage means to begin experiencing the exchange of the pulsations of Light with your personal image of Divinity. This Divine Image can be of Sananda Jesus, the Buddha, an Ascended Master, or any other image that represents to you the Male / Female personification of Divinity. This exchange creates the intermingling of your pure holy love with your pure holy image which then suffuses your being with healing ecstasy and purging vibrations.

"You can begin your experience of the Divine Romance by carefully clearing your Chakras with Breathwork and Visualization. Then fill yourself and your surrounding Auric Field with the Pink Light of Divine Love. Continue now by envisioning your image of the personification of Divinity, and extend the Divine Light of Love from your Heart Chakra to that image. Right away you will experience the inflow of the Holy Love Light from that image. Feel it. Breathe it in to your Heart. Rejoice in its Power.

"The Divine Romance brings you to the threshold of a new Realm of experience. You begin to develop the understanding of a new way to express love for others, for all of Creation, for yourself. This is the Realm where you go beyond the conventional and accepted patterns of kindness, sentimentality, and sympathy. The Realm of Love-experience that you are entering is that of the authentic expression that blossoms from the ever-deepening romance between you and your consciousness of Divinity. As you rise higher and higher on the wings of this Holy Romance, you will give birth to a radiance that is holy and healing. This is a Frequency that stretches far and wide, and it permeates deeply and thoroughly your surrounding world.

"When your personality and the Divine Image merge in the Holy Romance, also known as the Mystic Marriage, you then BECOME Light and Love, and your world is transformed. This Holy Romance is an on-going experience. It is not necessarily a one-time goal. It IS the spiritual path. It is the on-going process of Spiritual Development – you are BECOMING the Mystic Marriage. As you balance your energetic field through consistent Breathwork and Visualization, you will overcome your ego-fears, your limited beliefs. Then you can experience the ever-deepening union with your Christ-Self. Your inner Masculine nature and your inner Feminine nature merge in the Mystic Marriage. This is an on-going process of deeper and deeper trust, love, and commitment to your Personal, Inner Lover."

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Dear Holy Ones, How can I attract my perfect partner?

"Looking outside of yourself for your balance of Masculinity or Femininity will only lead to disappointment – necessarily! The purpose of your particular life at this time is to find wholeness within yourself. Being whole within yourself, by exploring the Mystic Marriage, you will then naturally attract other whole beings into your life experience. Then relationships can develop that are not based on neediness or specific expectations, but rather on non-threatening mutual respect, loving upliftment, and supportive freedom to expand and grow. The relationship becomes a reflection or image of Divinity, and is called the Divine Image Relationship.

"Divine Image Relationship is a transcendent realization of the Divinity in all Beings. As individuals discover and merge with their unique, personal image of Divine nature, they become like light-emanating planets and galaxies, moving easily and naturally through their life experience, gracefully turning toward the Beings of Light, with whom they feel most comfortable. Together, they experience an easy merging of their hearts, which brings about expanded awareness and accelerated movement. In other words, they experience personal growth.

"Then also, some individuals will want to accelerate their process of growth more dramatically in order to experience and explore more deeply the unique attributes of specific others. This is where the Divine Image Sexual Interaction comes in. The participants in this magnification of the Love Experience merge not only their hearts but all aspects of their Unique Wholeness. The Divine Image Sexual Interaction is a means of deepening one's experience, expression, and integration of Divine Nature. All the different aspects of Divinity within each individual are exchanged and enhanced and brought into consciousness for exploration and integration. The individuals then become expanded in experiential understanding of the unending unfoldment of Divine Nature."

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